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The Protest Plan

We cannot wait until 2020. We must start now to #DefendDemocracy. Trump is increasing his vicious attacks on democracy. Trump accused Mueller and his team of treason for bringing Trump’s crimes to light. And Trump’s efforts to try and imprison his opponents has already started. AG William Barr said he is opening an investigation about FBI spying on the Trump campaign. And Barr is keeping vital information from Congress to hinder impeachment efforts.

The Objectives

This protest plan is based on your feedback. The objective of the protest plan is to unite everyone ‘s efforts to #DefendDemocracy.

  • Corporate America and Billionaires are big supporters of Trump and the Republicans. We will boycott Corporations that support Trump and republicans until they will realize it’s better for them to #DefendDemocracy than to support Trump and his enablers.
  • Many “Local” Politicians including our governors & DC representatives have done little to #DefendDemocracy. But they will soon find it’s more pleasant to to #DefendDemocracy than to sit back and do nothing.
  • Senators and Republican Members of Congress defend Trump even when it’s obvious Trump colluded with Russia and Ukraine in undermine our democracy. If necessary, massive nationwide and continuous protests will be called at the appropriate time to make them understand they must #DefendDemocracy.

The Plan:

There are four parts (Stages) to the plan:

  • Part 1: Boycotts began April 22, 2019. Many have curtailed all discretionary purchases, buying only necessities while yet supporting all local businesses. Others are boycotting targeted companies who support Trump’s power grab. (see details under a separate tab). Let’s make an extra effort to curtail purchases from Company’s supporting Trump.
  • Part 2: Individual and Small Group Protests began in Mid-May 2019.   These actions include individual efforts such as phone calls , letters and local ” group visits” to politicians’ offices.    We have been telling politicians “If we don’t see active and visible help addressing our issues, we’ll be protesting at your offices until we are vote you out.”
    Call your friends and register a protest event with @Indivisible at this Indivisible Event Registration link. Use Defend Democracy as the event name. Let’s make a special effort during August to visit our representatives.
  • Part 3: Nationwide Protests. Ultimately Nationwide Protests similar to those carried out during the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, and more recently in South Korea and Puerto Rico may be required. To date, there has been only limited support for prolonged Nationwide Protests. To be effective these protests need to be ongoing to effective.

Part 4 – Nationwide Strike

Hopefully a nationwide strike will not be necessary. But many resistors have suggested we should undertake a 10-day long National Strike, coupled with marches and legal sit-ins. If Trump arrests his political opponents or reporters, shut down news media, or take control of social media , it is likely a Nationwide Strike would take place.

When the political systems have failed, people took to the streets until their issues were addressed. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and others showed what to do and how to wield the power of protest to restore our government. And we must do what it takes to save democracy.

Trump’s and His Team’s Attacks on Democracy

  • See Mueller report for comment on coordination with Russia, to undermine the 2016 presidential election
  • See Mueller report for potential obstructed of justice
  • Trump’s administration took away whistle-blower, Reality Winner’s, rights to a fair and speedy trial.
  • Republicans allowed Trump to take money from Congress-approved government programs for his “National Emergency Wall “.
  • Trump’s administration ignored the law requiring the release to Congress of Trump’s tax returns and financial statements of his companies
  • Furthermore, trump recently told a subordinate to ignore the law and if he gets in trouble, Trump will issue a presidential pardon.
  • AG Barr is burying significant parts of the Mueller report. Now Trump is using the Judiciary Department to go after his enemies and prevent evidence from reaching Congress.
  • If we don’t do more NOW, by the time the next elections come around, democracy will be dead.