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Nationwide Boycott Plan

…Simple Plan To Get Rid of Trump..

The purpose of the nationwide general boycott is to pressure corporate America to stop funding Trump and the republicans. They will stop when their sales decline. Some protesters are postponing purchases of discretionary items such as new clothing, cars, appliances, and furniture. Purchase food and other necessities from local vendors.** Furthermore, locally owned restaurants and bars are not to be boycotted. **

Other protesters are electing to boycott specific companies including advertisers on Fox News. The purpose is the same. Pressure specific companies to stop enabling Trump. GrabYourWallet is one organization that maintains a list of companies being boycotted.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Boycott versus Budget: From a practical basis, they are similar. In both, you take control over your purchases and you save money. But the purpose of the boycott is pressure companies to join in the defense of democracy.

How Much Money will I Save: You will be amazed. I saved over $900/month by cutting: coffee stops every morning ($150/mo), fast food at least 5 times/wk ($140/mo), eating at a nice restaurant twice/wk ($200/mo), didn’t upgrade cell phone ($45/mo), cut out department store shopping ($250/mo), using grocery stop coupons ($50/mo), closed storage locker ($80/mo), changed cable service ($45/mo). And i lost weight too.

Targeted Versus General Boycott: Should I participate in the general or targeted boycott? You decide. Or you can do both by boycotting several “targeted” companies and by cutting back a little on the purchase of discretionary items.

Won’t This be Hard on My Children and Family: Based on the feedback from last year’s boycott, the children hardly noticed or adapted quickly. And imagine how difficult it will be for them, if democracy dies.

Lists: Is there a list of company’s and products to boycott? In the general boycott you cut back on discretionary purchases. So lists are not needed. But if you wish to target specific companies, GrabYourWallet and others maintain such a lists.

Shopping at Local Vendors; What if there are few local vendors in my area? In such cases, continue shopping at the corporate stores. Try to reduce your discretionary purchases. Just buy what you need.

How Long Do We Boycott? Think long term. It is likely the full impact of the boycotts will not be felt until later this year. And remember, the boycotts are part of the three part plan to #DefendDemocracy. Local protests on a weekly basis and periodic national protests also will be taking place.

Money Saving Ideas

Whether you are boycotting or just wanting to save money because of fears of recession, below are some money saving ideas submitted by protesters

  1. Stop “unconscious spending” . Become aware of what you are buying. Those “I’ll buy it because it’s just a couple dollars purchases” add up.
  2. Make coffee at home or at the office. You’ll save $150/mo if you cut daily $5 stops at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts,
  3. Why buy bottled water? The water in most major cites is as good.
  4. Do you really need a new phone? Some phones cost over $1,000. Paying just $45/mo over a 24 month period costs you $1,080.
  5. Postpone your vacation or vacation locally.
  6. Reduce business travel. Have meeting via phone conferences.
  7. Shop in your closet closet. You’ll be amazed at all the clothes and shoes you’ll find there. And some may have never been worn.
  8. If you “have” to shop, shop at thrift stores.
  9. Limit the “fast food” stops. If you are buying “fast food” 5 days a week and spending $7/stop, you are spending $140/mo on fast food.
  10. Cut out eating at “chain- restaurants” such as Chili’s and Applebees.
  11. Organize community potlucks, use the food you have in your pantry and freezer, and make vegetable soup.
  12. Ride share or use your bike to get around.
  13. Give up your storage locker. Take the stored items and have a garage sale.
  14. Buy your fruit and vegetables from farmers markets.
  15. Explore all the alternative cable TV, phone and internet services.
  16. Open an account at a local credit union and use that rather than a commercial bank account where possible.

What We Would Like to See Happen:

  1. An Impeachment Investigation initiated
  2. Free Reality Winner from prison and overturn her conviction.*
  3. Trump must stop attacking the “Free Press”, endangering reporters.
  4. Overturn Trump’s “national emergency to fund wall”.
  5. Release the full Mueller report .
  6. Turn over Trump’s tax returns to Congress as the law requires.
  7. Sanction Trump for telling his subordinates to break the law.
  8. Use #HandMarkedPaperBallots in all elections.

* Reality Winner is an American Hero. In May, 2017, she provided evidence to the news media that Russia was hacking into our voting machines. At the time trump was saying No Russian Interference. Trump’s administration denied her the right to a speedy trial. She was denied bail and held in a small county jail for 16 months. Her requests to call witnesses was denied. Both the right to a speedy trail and the right to call witnesses is guaranteed under the Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution, Trump mocked her after she was sentenced to a prison term 63 months. Unless something is done, she will remain in prison for another three years.

** Some of our locally owned businesses are owned by bigots, racists, rabid pro-GOPers, etc. Especially boycott them.