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#FreeRealityWinner Plan

We must #FreeRealityWinner. On June 3, 2017, she was jailed for providing news media with classified information that showed Russia was attempting to hack into our voting machines. Trump was lying when he said “No Russian Interference”. 

Objectives of Action Plan*

We believe Reality Winner’s conviction should be overturned on the basis of misuse of Espionage Act.   Under this act, Reality was denied the right to a fair trial. Congress and the Supreme Court must get involved. The plan objectives are:

  • Increase public awareness
  • Ask the @ACLU and other Civil Rights Activists for help
  • Organize Nationwide Protests on June 3 (two year anniversary of her arrest)
  • Petition Congress and Politicians and the Supreme Court to help #FreeRealityWinner

Increasing Public Awareness

Are you wondering why you haven’t heard Reality Winners’ side of the story? It’s because she was charged under the Espionage Act. Under the Espionage Act, Reality Winner and her attorneys were restricted from talking about the case. And she remains restricted from telling what she knew or why she went public about the Russian hacking of the voting machines. This is why we need to tell her story.

  • On twitter, follow Ms. Winner’s Mother @bjwinnerdavis and her Godmother @WendyMeer11
    • Follow their followers
    • Ask your followers to follow them
    • Retweet and “like” their tweets
    • Write your own tweets on behalf of Reality Winner
    • Ask others who have large followings on twitter to help
  • Write you own article or send a copy of “The Railroading of Reality Winner” to both your local news organization and national news organizations and ask them to:  Please investigate and report on the prosecutor’s “trial antics”, including use of Espionage Act, rejecting defense motions, and denial of bail

Ask @ACLU and Other Civil Rights Activists for Help

We all should be very concerned. When Reality Winner railroaded in prison using the Espionage Act to prevent her from an open and fair trial, our democracy died a little. The Trump administration was successful in silencing and imprisoning an Air Force Veteran who believed it was her patriotic duty to provide the evidence that Russia was hacking into our voting machines. Help Reality by asking activist groups to stand up and help #FreeRealityWinner.

  • Click this link and ask the ACLU to: Please take up Reality Winner’s case . Appears the use of the Espionage Act and the manner in which the prosecutor and judge handed her case was violation of Reality Winner’s rights to a fair trial.
  • Send a message on tweeter to Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights asking them to: Please investigate the court proceeding against Reality Winner. The whole proceedings used against her are concerning.
  • Contact any other Advocacy group you believe is appropriate and let us know and we’ll include them here.

Organize Nationwide Protests

On 6/3/19, it will be two years Reality Winner has been in jail for providing evidence of Russian interference. Coincidentally, that was the same day #MarchForTruth led a nationwide demonstration to tell elected leaders Americans want answers on Russian Interference. Help us organize a 6/3/19 protest of her imprisonment by:

  • Tweet to ask @MarchForTruth17 to organize a Nationwide protest on June 3, 2019, this time to #FreeRealityWinner
  • Get with your friends and register a protest event with @Indivisible at this Indivisible Event Registration link
  • Sign the Petition at MoveOn asking Congress to join nationwide protests on 6/3/19 to #FreeRealityWinner
  • Boycott Corporate stores buying only necessities until Reality Winner is free
  • Watch for news on follow-up protest dates

Petition Congress and Politicians and the Supreme Court to #FreeRealityWinner

Ultimately we have to reach Congress and then the Supreme Court. Call, write or tweet to ask the following groups to: Please take up Reality Winner’s case and investigate whether the use of the Espionage Act was a violation of Reality Winner’s rights under USA Constitution:

  • House Judiciary, Chairman Jerrold Nadler, Rayburn Staff Office, 2141 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515 (202) 225-3951 @HouseJudiciary

Ask the following groups to:  Please investigate if  Reality Winner’s whistle-blowing that showed Russia was hacking into our voting machines actually helped defend democracy rather than harm the country.  If so why were Reality Winner’s prosecutors successful in charging Reality Winner under the Espionage Act, denying her the Whistle-Blower defense, denying her bail, and obtaining such a harsh sentence?  Was trump pulling involved? 

  • House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Chairman Adam Schiff, Capital Visitor Center HVC-304, Washington, D.C. 20515 (202) 225-7690 @RepAdamSchiff
  • House Judiciary – Counterterrorism Chairman Andre Carson @RepAndreCarson

*The Story and Action Plan reflect solely the opinion of Thomas Kaine. Reality Winner, her family, and other organizations in her support have NOT been involved in the drafting of this report or the Actions recommended here.