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Impeachment Disrupters

….Below is a list of the republican congress representatives who stormed the impeachment hearing on October 23, 2019 in an effort to protect Trump from being held responsible for destroying democracy.

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  1. ALL OF YOU listed deserve to lose your security clearances, YOUR salary docked, as well as being BARRED from ALL proceedings. Some seem to forget you are answerable to #WeThePeople…and WE are not IGNORANT nor STUPID. We know how to READ. WE are here to remind you of procedure, since WE pay your salary. YOU already have EQUAL REPRESENTATION on the COMMITTEE, as well, so there is NO EXCUSE you can give for this behavior, it smacks of a LYNCH MOB to be perfectly honest and such behavior is unacceptable to the vast majority of us. YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE BY US.

  2. Kevin Kevin

    These morons need to be kicked out of Congress.

  3. Witchfinder General Diogenes Witchfinder General Diogenes

    That is a list of 13 representatives. Gaetz (and others) claimed 30. Who are the others?

    And more importantly, who will be opposing these lawbreakers in the next election? I need to get my 2020 political contributions lined up.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    Not a full list! There were about 30 of them!

  5. Lorraine Attias Lorraine Attias

    All of you, so-called, representatives displayed mob rule and complete disrespect for a Constitutional process and should be, promptly, arrested fir your despicable actions. Our children would not begave in such an immature and rambunctious way and if they did, there would be consequences. I am sure that Donald Trump promoted this vile act and he should bear responsibility as well. Ours is a country of laws and all of you swore oaths to uphold those laws. Sadly, you chose the oath of lawlessness and, fir that you are all an embarrassment before the nation and the world. In 1930’s Germany, perhaps, such behavior was acceptable by Nazis, but not in the United States of America.

  6. Herb wilson Herb wilson

    Belong in jail. Traitors all

    How scarred are these repub thugs??

  7. Anonymous Anonymous

    I called Rep Fred Keller’s office. Apparently Fred Keller already had access to the impeachment inquiry but chose to join the others in this protest.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous

    That list is only 14 people…Reports said there were over 2 dozen. Also, Mark Green from TN was there, but he’s not on the list

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