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…The Objectives & Logic Behind Plan…

The objective of the Resistors Protest Plan is to Defend Democracy from Trump and the Republican attacks by:

  1. MONEY. Cut Corporate America’s financial support of Trump and Republicans
  2. POLITICAL SUPPORT. Reduce politicians support for trump by pressuring congress, governors, state and local politicians
  3. NATIONWIDE PROTESTS. Bring attention to Trump and the Republican attacks on democracy.
  4. NEWS MEDIA. Protect the News Media in the event Trump starts imprisoning reporters


Create a plan where EVERYONE can participate. The “easy” parts of the plan are implemented first.

  • Everyone can boycott.. It requires little effort. All one has to do is just stop spending money.
  • Everyone can pressure politicians by making calls, copying the politician on a tweet, letters, or visiting their offices.
  • The Plan recognizes that it is more difficult for people to participate in DC protests. Plan calls for local protests coordinated with the DC protests.
  • A National Strike may put people’s livelihood at risk. As such, a National Strike would only be called if Trump started arresting reporters and politicians


Trump gave MASSIVE tax cuts to corporations and lifted environmental regulations. So Corporate America loved him. But recall when the airports started shutting down in February, 2019 because of the government shutdown. Corporate America panicked that airport shutdowns would cause an economic slowdown. They pressured Trump to end the government shutdown. He did the next day. Boycotting likewise “slows down” the economy, cause panic in Corporate America, and they will stop funding trump.

Note we already see corporations trying to hide their support for Trump because of targeted boycotts. Furthermore, they are being impacted by the boycotts of USA goods and services as other countries boycott USA goods and services. The Nationwide General Boycott will just accelerate the ouster of Trump and the Republicans.


The objective is to have politicians realize it is in their best interest to do what they were elected to do, rather than sit back as Trump destroys our country. And it is simple to do either individually or in a small group. For details on how to get started see Local Protests section of this website.

Local pressure on politicians has already had an effect as many Republican Congressional Reps have elected to retire rather than to commit treason for Trump.


Ultimately Nationwide Protests similar to those carried out during the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement, and more recently in South Korea and Puerto Rico may be required. To date, there has been only limited support for prolonged Nationwide Protests. To be effective these protests need to be ongoing to effective.


Hopefully a nationwide strike will not be necessary. But many have already suggested we should undertake a 10-day long National Strike, coupled with marches and legal sit-ins. If Trump arrests his political opponents or reporters, shuts down news media, or takes control of social media , it is likely a Nationwide Strike would take place.

When the political systems have failed, people took to the streets until their issues were addressed. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and others showed what to do and how to wield the power of protest to restore our government. And we must do what it takes to save democracy.

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  1. Jamie Schulte Jamie Schulte

    This could be effective . I hope folks are already doing many of these things but it’s the coordination that’s lacking. I get 50 political emails a day. All want money, of which I have little to donate. Maybe responding to than with this platform could garner some coordination and strength. The numbers are there.

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