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Politician “Visits” August…

…. Let’s Get Trump Out. Demand politicians begin an impeachment inquiry. .. and we must free #RealityLeighWinner, Trump’s political prisoner

  • Send a tweet, email or letter, or make a call to your representative to demand Trump be impeached.
  • Get together with friends and visit your politicians’ offices, and/or attend politician’s town halls or/and public events.

This will result in coordinated local protests. Politicians will soon realize it is in their best interest to do what they were elected to do, rather than sit back and watch Trump destroy our country.

The purpose is to pressure ALL politicians , including local politicians, to join us in #DefendingDemocracy. But we begin with the Members of Congress and the Governor.

Current Major Demands:

  • Congress must open and impeachment investigation.
  • Congress must do whatever is necessary to #FreeRealityWinner from prison and overturn her conviction.*

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