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Corporate America/Billionaires, Seniors, Racists

WE HAVE THE ABILITY to cut Trump’s support from Corporate America and Senior citizens. And even though the racists in the USA have been vocal, they are a small portion of voters and are powerless once Corporate America cuts of the funding to Trump and the republicans.

Seniors: Seniors would end their support if they knew that Trump and Republicans are trying to cut social security, medicaid, and medicare. Trump’s budget has been in the news, For example Tara Golshan’s article on Vox describes how “Trump said he wouldn’t cut Medicaid, Social Security, and Medicare. His 2020 budget cuts all 3.” But seniors are largely unaware of these budgeted cuts to social security. We need to continue our efforts to inform seniors. This includes encouraging the AARP, with it’s 100 million members, to stop playing it down the risk of such cuts and to advise its members that these are the REPUBLICAN plans.

Corporate America funnels billions to Trump and the republicans. Trump cut their taxes by over 40%. Furthermore, Trump and the GOP eliminated regulations designed to protect consumers, workers and the environment. So Corporate America loves them. However, that my be starting to change. Other countries are boycotting USA good and services. Other than Russia, Saudi Arabia and North Korea, just about everyone else hates Trump and the republicans. So you can’t blame them for cutting back. If the USA consumer ends it buying spree because of Trump, Corporate America will turn on him. And with consumer debt levels rising to lofty levels, it is just a matter of time for the buying spree to end. We have been encouraging everyone to cut back on spending so Corporate America will turn on Trump now. Will you BoycottForDemocracy?

Racists will always support Trump. But the big question is what percent of the voters are racist. But the good news is the country is now only a little over 50% white (non-Hispanic).

We can do this. We can cut Trump’s support of seniors by informing them of Trump’s plans to cut their social security. We can cut the funneling of money from Corporate America to Trump and the republicans. Question is will we do what is necessary to #DefendDemocracy.

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