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Trump’s Political Prisoner

…Reality Leigh Winner…

Ignoring Trump’s jailing of Reality Leigh Winner under a 63 month sentence without a fair trial is one of our country’s greatest travesties in recent times.  Her “crime”?   In May 2017 she provided news media with classified information that showed Russia was attempting to hack into our voting machines. Trump was lying when he said “No Russian Interference”. 

Imagine how angry Trump must have been.  At the time, he was trying to convince the country that Russia was our friend, and we should lift the Russian sanctions.   And a report comes out showing Russia is attacking us. 

Reality Winner was arrested on June 3, 2017 and charged under the Espionage Act. This law was designed to prevent sensitive information being passed to foreign countries to the detriment our national security. By charging Reality Winner under the Espionage Act, she was unable to defend herself. Her lawyers were prohibited from talking to the press.  Her defense was prevented from arguing that leaking the information actually strengthened our country rather than harming us, by shining the light on Russia’s attempts to hack into the voting machines.   Forty-seven of the forty-eight defense attorney motions, including motions to call witnesses were denied.   And her motivation, to defend democracy, was deemed irrelevant.

Ms Winner remains in prison. Her mother and Godmother beg daily for our help. The actions you can take are listed under #FreeRealityWinner Plan

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