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Stock Market Analysis

…For The Week Ended July 15, 2019…

The DOW, S&P and NASDAQ all set new records for the week, increasingly by approximately 1% on optimism that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates when they meet at the end of the month.

Analysts are divided on whether this rally can continue without a major correction. The positive factors include:

  • The Federal reserve likely cuts to interest rates
  • Trends are positive (long-term, intermediate, short-term)
  • Strong job market and various jobs reports
  • Strong consumer spending
  • Low inflation

Negative factors include:

  • Slowing Global Growth
  • Weak demand from foreign countries hurting our exports
  • Recession in the manufacturing
  • Lofty stock prices
  • Increase in upcoming job layoffs
  • Massive government budget deficits
  • Over-extended consumers

Some analysts have been recommending caution. This week begins the earning season where company’s announce the results of the prior quarter. This may give us a better idea as to the future of the markets.

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