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Stock Market Sector Report

…Week Ended July 15th, 2019…

The DOW, NASDAQ and S&P all set new records for the week, The DOW is 9% higher than year ago levels, the NASDEQ up 7.7% and the S&P up 7.6%. Continued hope that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates are fueling the rally.

The stock sector showing the best gains year-over-year has been Aerospace and Defense, up 17%. Other sector showing yearly gains are:

  • Utilities 15.3%
  • Consumer Staples 13.5%
  • Information Technology 11.9%
  • Consumer Discretionary 10.2%
  • Telecommunications 8.6%
  • Industrial 6.3%
  • Healthcare 5.0%
  • Financial Sector 5.0%

Not all stock market sectors are higher for the year. Pharmaceuticals and Biotech are each down approximately 15% because of efforts by politicians to control drug prices. The energy sector is also lower by 15.5% . investors are concerned the slowing global economy will slow demand for oil. Materials, which had been down over 10% for similar reasons has recovered in the last six months on the hope there will be a recovery in housing construction and renovation spurred by lower interest rates. Retail stocks remain lower, down 12%, even though their has been a 5% rally in this sector in the last five weeks. Bank sector is down 7%, hurt by lower interest rates.

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