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Simple Way to Get Rid of Trump

…Nationwide General Boycott…

Cut-off Trump and Republicans Campaign Money by holding-back from purchasing non-essential items. Then Corporate America will stop making their huge contributions to the Trump and GOP political campaigns. Without corporate support, it’s all over from Trump and his enablers.

The great thing about a Nationwide General Boycott:

  1. They are very effective. They’ve been used by Gandhi’ to free India, Martin Luther King in the civil rights movement, and in the Vietnam war protests.
  2. It’s simple. Everyone can participate
  3. No complicated rules. . You just stop spending money except on food and other essentials.
  4. It has minimal effect on workers. Stores still have to remain open to service the Trump supporters, who are not boycotting
  5. Boycotts grow over time. The boycott began in late April. As people learn about the boycott, they will join in.
  6. It has limited adverse effect on the majority of workers

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  1. Judy Judy

    That’s all I can afford anyway. It’s easy when your paying a mortgage, buying food, gas. Living on 30 k a year. Eating out my only luxury. Oh yes, & tequila.

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