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Trump’s Road to Retain WH

….It’s Paved in Gold….

Last December, when the stock market tanked, so did Trump’s approval rating. As the stock market recovered, so did Trump’s approval. Today both the stock market and Trump’s approval are at record highs.

Trump needs a strong economy and stock market if he has any chance of winning in 2020. Corporate America loves pro-business Trump and the republicans so they are pumping huge amounts of money into their campaigns. The massive corporate tax cuts coupled with deregulation, while bad for America long-term, have helped the corporations’ bottom line. Corporations have closed their eyes to the devastating impact the US budget deficits, Trump’s move to dictatorship, and global warming.

With the massive inflows of cash from Corporate America to fund his campaign, Trump has good chance of winning in 2020. Only a large decline in corporate profits is likely to reduce this flow. Trump is doing everything he can to prevent that from occurring. So far the devastating effect of the trade wars has had on businesses has been offset by with unrestrained consumer spending. Consumers are following Trump’s policy of “Borrow, borrow, spend and spend, until the lenders no longer lend.” And Trump has been successful in having the “independent”, Federal Reserve, under the threat of being fired, agreeing to add fuel to the consumers spending spree by lowering interest rates.

Because of soaring debt levels of both individuals and government coupled with “boycotts” of USA products by other nations, this is going to end badly. It’s just a matter of time. Trump is hoping the disaster won’t hit until after the 2020 elections. Trump needs the gold to keep flowing to him from Corporate America.

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