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…Nationwide Strike or Boycott…

…what should we do?…

As Trump moves closer to dictatorship, many people are calling for a National Strike to get Trump out. But are the actions spelled out in our “Protest Plan” a better alternative?

The goals of a Nationwide Strike are three fold:

  1. End Corporate America support for Trump and republicans
  2. Turn ALL politicians against Trump’s moves to dictatorship
  3. Obtain media attention to increase public support

Ending Corporate Support : One objective is to cut off Corporate America’s support for Trump and republicans. In a Nationwide Strike, employees walk off their jobs or engage in production slowdowns. This disrupts businesses’ ability to provide goods and services, effecting the ‘bottom line” of companies.

An alternative is a Nationwide Saving Plan or Boycott. We just stop buying things. Corporate profits are reduced. An advantage is that we save money, increasing our reserves for when Trump’s recession hits. We don’t buy until Trump goes “Bye-Bye” and the threat of recession ends. And in a Nationwide Savings Plan, we don’t risk losing our jobs or our pay. The disadvantage is it takes longer.

Turning ALL Politicians Against Trump’s Move To Directorship: Corporate America will pressure politicians to “do something” as soon as their businesses are impacted. We are already seeing quiet pressure from farmers and auto makers who have been impacted by Trump’s tariffs. However, those impacted by Trump’s awful policies have been afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation by Trump and the republicans. So we see a lot of “suffering in silence”.

The Nationwide Saving Plan would be coupled with “Coordinated Local Protests” . But rather than demonstrating at businesses, restaurants, and stores, demonstrations take place at politicians’ local offices and political events. At these events, we would let politicians know ” We are concerned about the effect Trump’s policies are having on USA economy together with his attacks on democracy. So we curtailed spending until he’s gone.”

Protesters who are uncomfortable visiting the politician’s offices, can send letters, make phone calls, submit comments on politician’s websites, or send tweets. Our website is available for coordinating protests of the various local groups.

Obtaining National Media Attention: Today there isn’t the need to bring national media attention to Trump and the republicans’ moves toward dictatorship. The topic is on the news daily. But this negative news has been offset by daily news on how great the economy is doing. And to a large degree, those in the upper and upper middle class are doing well. But the signs are on the horizon on impeding problems as other nations’ customers curtail purchases of USA goods and services. Once the decline in the USA economy takes hold, the impact of Nationwide Protests will have greater effect.

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