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June 3rd – Big Day of Protests

And London is Protesting Trump Too

June 3rd marks two important 2-year anniversaries:

  1. Trump administration jailing of Reality Leigh Winner
  2. March For Truth’s initial protest

Whatever is your favor issue (jailing of Reality Leigh Winner, the republican’s attacks on women’s right to choose, lack of adequate gun control, or trump’s power grab) protest on June 3rd. There are four ways to protest:

  1. DC Protest. You can join BJ Winner Davis at the Washington DC protest June 3rd, 7 pm Lafayette Park
  2. Local Protest. If you are unable to go to Washington DC, you can protest locally at your politicians’ offices or state or local government buildings. Search the Indivisible website, and the Meetup website to determine what protests already exists in your area. If protests don’t exist, get together with friends, and organize a protest. Then register your group in the “Movements” section of and
  3. Asking for Congress’s Help (this only takes about 15 minutes of your time). Go to your three Members of Congress websites and in the comment section, and leave a message asking them to address your issue
  4. Write, call and tweet your Members of Congress

London protest is expected to bring out 1 million protesters. Let’s see if we can get a bigger crowd here. Join the protests.

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