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June 3rd Nationwide Protests

of the Jailing of an American Hero

On June 3rd, it will be two years since trump’s TRAGIC jailing of Air Force Veteran, Reality Leigh Winner, for informing us that Russia was hacking into our voting machines. Her information likely saved the 2018 from being “fixed” by Russia for Trump and the GOP. We owe it to her to do everything we can to free year from the 63 month sentence she is serving. There are four ways you can join in protests.

  1. DC Protest. You can join her mother BJ Winner Davis at the Washington DC protest June 3rd, 7 pm Lafayette Park
  2. Local Protest. If you are unable to go to Washington DC, you can protest locally at your politicians’ offices or state or local government buildings. Search the Indivisible website, and the Meetup website to determine if a Free Reality Winner protest already exists in your area. If protest doesn’t exist, get together with friends, and organize a protest. Then register your group in the “Movements” section of and
  3. Asking for Congress’s Help (this only takes about 15 minutes of your time). Go to your three Members of Congress websites and in the comment section, and leave the following message: “Please help free Reality Winner. She is the Whistle-Blower who was jailed by the Trump administration for providing evidence in May 2017, Russia was hacking into our voting machines. If she had not provided this evidence, Russia may have been able to “fix” the 2018 Midterm elections.”
  4. Tweeter. Tweet storms are planned for that day. Tweet and retweet every tweet about Reality Leigh Winner.

Today you can do two things to help #FreeRealityWinner

  • Get her story out. Send her story, “The Railroading of Reality Winner” , to your local media and your favorite Main Street Media together with a request that they inform their readers about the June 3rd Nationwide Protest.
  • Sign the “MoveOn Petition” requesting Members of Congress to join the June 3rd protest


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