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Protest Plan Summary

The three part protest plan is underway. The Nationwide General Boycott is to cut Trump’s financial support. The Coordinated Local protests is to reduce Trump’s political support. And the Nationwide Protests beginning June 3rd is to call media attention to our issues and demands.

Part 1: Boycotts began April 22, 2019. We have curtailed all discretionary purchases. We are buying only necessities while yet supporting all local businesses. In addition, we boycott certain targeted companies who support Trump’s power grab. (see details under a separate tab).

Part 2: Coordinated Local Protests began in Mid-May 2019.   These actions include individual efforts such as phone calls , letters and local ” group visits” to politicians’ offices.    We have been telling politicians “If we don’t see active and visible help addressing our issues, we’ll be protesting at your offices until we are vote you out.”

Part 3: Nationwide Protests. Beginning on June 3, we will have Nationwide Protests. The 6/3/19 protest will be frequently followed by other protests. We are asking the Advocacy Groups for their help in making this a reality

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    I’m in. This tRump GOP administration needs to go.

  2. Mike Mike

    I’m in. This tRump GOP administration needs to go.

  3. Anna Anna

    Can’t take this anymore. I think I’ve aged 10 yrs!

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