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Coordinated Local Protests

May 11, 2019

An #ImpeachTrumpMarch (local protests) have been called for noon on Saturday May 11. See following tweets of organizers. Please participate if possible.

Bryce Tache 🇺🇸‏ @brycetacheMay 5

It’s clear no group is organizing a national impeachment march. So I will. But only if people come. And help. So I propose Saturday, May 11, noon, everywhere. If 100k people like this, I’ll figure out how to get it done. But I can’t do it alone. Who’s in? #ImpeachTrumpMarch

From❄️‏ @CruellaisdevineMay 5 Replying to @brycetache

I will! My plan is to keep it simple… no need to wait for a big org or permits. Tell some friends, family & your local @IndivisibleTeam or Resist groups, show up with your signs at your chosen location (Reps office, corner in your community, city capital…it’s up to you!

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