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Jailed After Saving 2018 Elections From Russia

In 2017, Russia was hacking into our voting machines in an effort to fix the 2018 election for Trump and GOP. If they had been successful, the Republicans would have retained the House

Then here comes an American Hero, Reality Leigh Winner. She sends proof to news media that Russia was hacking into the voting machines. Trump was really angry, because he had been saying “No Russian Interference”. And the 2018 was being “fixed for the GOP”. So he nailed Ms. Winner to the wall. She’s serving a 63 month prison sentence.

After Ms. Winner blew the whistle, state began modifying the voting machines to prevent Russian interference. It is still questionable as to whether the problem with Florida, Georgia, and Texas machines was ever really corrected.


  1. Go On your Member Of Congress websites and tell them about Ms Winner and ask them to investigate her trial (Gov’t used Espionage Act to “Nail Her”)
  2. Send her story to @ACLU
  3. Post her story on all your social media using hashtag #FreeRealityWinner

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