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15 Money Saving Ideas

You can save Huge amount of money each month.

  1. Stop “unconscious spending” . Become aware of what you are buying. Those “I’ll buy it because it’s just a couple dollars purchases” add up.
  2. Make coffee at home or at the office. You’ll save $150/mo if you cut daily $5 stops at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts,
  3. Why buy bottled water? The water in most major cites is as good.
  4. Do you really need a new phone? Some phones cost over $1,000. Paying just $45/mo over a 24 month period costs you $1,080.
  5. Postpone your vacation or vacation locally.
  6. Reduce business travel. Have meeting via phone conferences.
  7. Shop in your closet closet. You’ll be amazed at all the clothes and shoes you’ll find there. And some may have never been worn.
  8. If you “have” to shop, shop at thrift stores.
  9. Limit the “fast food” stops. If you are buying “fast food” 5 days a week and spending $7/stop, you are spending $140/mo on fast food.
  10. Cut out eating at “chain- restaurants” such as Chili’s and Applebees.
  11. Organize community potlucks, use the food you have in your pantry and freezer, and make vegetable soup.
  12. Ride share or use your bike to get around.
  13. Give up your storage locker. Take the stored items and have a garage sale.
  14. Buy your fruit and vegetables from farmers markets.
  15. Explore all the alternative cable TV, phone and internet services.
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