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Coordinated Local Protests

Here are the initial demands of Congress and our Governors…comments please

  1. Congress must do whatever is necessary to #FreeRealityWinner from prison and overturn her conviction.*
  2. Congress must sanction Trump for:
    • attacking the “Free Press”, endangering reporters
    • preventing the IRS from releasing his tax returns
    • for telling his subordinates to break the law
  3. Congress must overturn Trump’s “national emergency to fund wall”.
  4. Barr must release of the entire Mueller report to Congress
  5. Congress must investigate and sanction both Trump and William Barr, the AG, for:
    • using the Justice Department as Trump’s personal attorney
    • using the Judiciary Department to attack Trump’s political opponents
  6. All governors must do whatever is necessary to assure “free and fair elections” take place in the State including:
    • #HandMarkedPaperBallots in all elections.
    • No Gerrymandering
    • Adequate voting locations in ALL voting districts
    • Polls are open at hours that are convenient for voters
    • Declaring a State Holiday on election day

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