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Seven Questions for Politicians

Where do They Stand on Trump

Trump stepped up his attacks on democracy. Let’s require ALL politicians to come out and say if they agree with Trump’s attacks. Call or write your two senators, representative and Governor and ask the following questions. (Record, Videotape or obtain their answers in writing if possible):

  1. What is your opinion on Russia’s attacks on our democracy as disclosed in the Mueller report)?
  2. Do you believe Trump obstructed justice, based on his actions as disclosed in the Mueller Report?
  3. Do you believe the entire Mueller report should be turned over to Congress?
  4. Do you support the Trump Administration refusal to release his tax returns to Congress?
  5. Do you agree with Trump’s attempts to block his financial statements from being provided to Congress?
  6. Do you believe it’s okay for Trump to tell his subordinates to ignore the Congressional subpoenas?
  7. Do you believe it’s Okay for trump to tell his subordinates to disobey other laws?
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  1. Debbie Koss Debbie Koss

    I’m on it !!! Thanks for leading the effort!

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