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Letter Written By @Koocheekoo11
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By now you are well aware of the situation regarding the imprisonment of NSA contractor Reality Winner. Coincidentally she was arrested on June 3, 2017.

Reality Winner does not deserve to be in prison. She was wrongfully convicted under the Espionage Act for the crime of trying to warn the public of Russian meddling. This was at a time when little was known and she was extremely alarmed by this information.

She was never given her Miranda rights, she was held without bail, and basically instead of being given a fair trial she was railroaded into a dirty plea deal that put her in prison for five years, and that allowed Trump to exact swift revenge on her for the crime of contradicting his lies about his knowledge of Russian meddling and the fact that he didn’t win the election fair and square.

There is so much wrong with this situation. It’s truly a travesty of justice.

There is currently a movement starting that is building momentum on Twitter for a Nationwide Protests on June 3, 2019 as well as an extended spending boycott.

I know you are a powerful force for protest and am asking you to cosponsor this movement in a combined effort of the release of the Muller report and the release of Ms. Winner.

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