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Seven Boycott Demands

  1. Free Reality Winner from prison and overturn her conviction.*
  2. Trump must stop attacking the “Free Press”, endangering reporters.
  3. Overturn Trump’s “national emergency to fund wall”.
  4. Release the full Mueller report.
  5. Turn over Trump’s tax returns to Congress as the law requires.
  6. Sanction Trump for telling his subordinates to break the law.
  7. Use #HandMarkedPaperBallots in all elections.

* Reality Winner is an American Hero. In May, 2017, she provided evidence to the news media that Russia was hacking into our voting machines. At the time trump was saying No Russian Interference. Trump’s administration denied her the right to a speedy trial. She was denied bail and held in a small county jail for 16 months. Her requests to call witnesses was denied. Both the right to a speedy trail and the right to call witnesses is guaranteed under the Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution, Trump mocked her after she was sentenced to a prison term 63 months. Unless something is done, she will remain in prison for another three years.

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