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Nationwide Boycott – Q&A

General Boycott versus Budget: From a practical basis, they are similar. In both, you take control over your purchases and you save money. But the purpose of the boycott is pressure companies to join in the defense of democracy.

How Much Money will I Save: You will be amazed. I saved over $900/month by cutting: coffee stops every morning ($150/mo), fast food at least 5 times/wk ($140/mo), eating at a nice restaurant twice/wk ($200/mo), didn’t upgrade cell phone ($45/mo), cut out department store shopping ($250/mo), using grocery stop coupons ($50/mo), closed storage locker ($80/mo), changed cable service ($45/mo). And i lost weight too.

Targeted Versus General Boycott: Should I participate in the general or targeted boycott? Do both. Boycott several “targeted” companies and cut back on the purchase of discretionary items.

Won’t This be Hard on My Children and Family: Based on the feedback from last year’s boycott, the children hardly noticed or adapted quickly. And imagine how difficult it will be for them, if democracy dies.

Lists: Is there a list of company’s and products to boycott? In the general boycott you cut back on discretionary purchases. So lists are not needed. But if you wish to target specific companies, GrabYourWallet and others maintain such a lists.

Shopping at Local Vendors; What if there are few local vendors in my area? In such cases, continue shopping at the corporate stores. Try to reduce your discretionary purchases. Just buy what you need.

Will A General Boycott Hurt the Economy? Most boycotts have only a small effect on the economy. Boycotts do attract media attention.

How Long Do We Boycott? Think long term. It is likely the full impact of the boycotts will not be felt until mid-summer. And remember, the boycotts are part of the three part plan to #DefendDemocracy. Local protests on a weekly basis and periodic national protests also will be taking place. As a side note, the longer the boycott goes on, the more money you save.

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